PhD Day 2021 Course in Models and Methods for Material and Environmental Sciences

25 Ottobre 2021 09:00
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche, via campi 103, Modena - Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche e Geologiche, via campi 103, Modena

9.00-10.30 Oral Presentations by XXXIV cycle (20 ’ + 10 ’ discussion)

• Verhoest Léna: (ONLINE) “Melting a heterogeneous mantle under an extreme thermal gradient”

• Clo’ Eleonora: “Climate change and human impact in a long-term perspective: palynology of Middle-Late Holocene deposits in the Po Plain”

• Fantini Riccardo: “Zeolite-Encapsulated UV-filters: the key for more safe, effective and ecofriendly sunscreens”

10.30-12.40 Flash Poster-Presentations of XXXV and XXXVI cycles (5 ’ + 5 ’ discussion)

• Aguzzoli Alessandro: (ONLINE) “Geophysical data processing for shallow subsurface characterization”

• Ahmad Mohamad: (ONLINE) “Improving state-of the art hyperspectral imaging to resolve complex chemical samples”

• Bergamini Giulia: (ONLINE) “Immunocyte depletion affects gene expression and blastema formation during early tentacle regeneration in the apple snail Pomacea canaliculata”

• Critelli Vincenzo: “Stochastic approaches in the optimization of hydro-mechanical models of landslides”

• Lodesani Federica: “Computer Simulation of nucleation and crystallization of silicate glasses”

• Bertani Marco: “Exploiting machine learning techniques in computational simulations of oxide glasses”

• Braidi Niccolò: “Post-ARGET ATRP functionalization of α,ω-dichloropolystyrene via a versatile intermediate”

• D’Alessandro Alessandro: “From basil to pesto 4.0”

• Demurtas Luca: “Composition of Pleistocene and Holocene sands in the central Po Plain: implications for sediment provenance”

• Destro Lorenza: “Probing the chemical space of dual kinase inhibitors: optimization of synthetic lines and identification of novel scaffold”

• Massa Edoardo: “Structure and chemical composition of the tardigrade feeding apparatus”

• Parenti Carlotta: “Relationship between slope and fluvial dynamics in the Scoltenna basin (Northern Apennines): Preliminary results”

• Serafini Giovanni: “Taphonomy and deadfall ecology of Mesozoic marine reptiles: preliminary results”

13.30-14.30 Poster Session XXXV and XXXVI cycles

14.30-16.00 Oral Presentations XXXIV cycle (20 ’ + 10 ’ discussion)

• Maletti Laura: “Characterization of some by-products obtained from pre-waste residues of Cucurbitaceae”

• Poletti Fabrizio: “Synthesis and characterization of novel nanostructured materials for amperometric sensors”

• Tomassetti Laura: “Waste inertisation and recycling: environmental analysis of prototypes and industrial applications” 

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